Are microtransactions really necessary?

Wed 17th Oct 2018 - 2:01pm Gaming

Since a few years microtransactions and virtual currencies in online video games are booming. “Free-To-Play” and “Freemium” became the standard on Google’s Play Store and the iOS App Store. People think because they can download and run the game for free on their smartphone and tablet, it is all for free, but this is wrong. At a specific point in the game they will be confronted with virtual currencies like gems, coins, gold, cash, elixir and other virtual currencies, which can be bought in the in-game shop.

People have no clue how much money they are spending

The most people have no control over how much money they are actually spending on online games, especially not when they are addicted to video games or their smartphone in general. The games themselves are made to bring the people into the situation of “oh, I could simply buy gems to keep on playing”. Suddenly it becomes extraordinary important to get even more gems or gold.

Is this actually gambling?

In some games people know what they are getting. In others like Clash Royale they got no clue what is inside the treasure box. The game decides if the people get useless items or rare ones. The people themselves have no control over what they are getting. It might be possible they just spent hundreds of dollar, but all they got were useless items.

Gamer are coming together to fight

People all over the world, especially in Germany, are fighting for more transparency and fairness in video games. Communities like Atari-Gamer are helping people to get rid of this “addiction” when it comes to mobile games. In the US and UK we can see how gamer are gathering together as well. The latest example is “”, which will help people to avoid spending money on online games.

We are really excited to see what is going to happen in the future. It won’t be an easy fight, because the whole industry is made of billions of dollar.




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