TopicHow to Recover From Exercises

  • Thu 29th Oct 2020 - 8:03am

    An exercise program shouldn't be something you do for a few months to   Hyperbolic Stretching Review   drop a few pounds for a special event, nor should it be something you only do for a few years, or until a certain age. Everyone should look at an exercise program as something to do all your life. In fact, exercise gets more important, not less, as you get older.

    I've had the opportunity to meet and get to know Clarence Bass, and I really like his approach to exercise and health. Without a doubt, the success he's had with his own health and fitness throughout the years is testimony that what he lives and teaches works. While his earlier books focused on bodybuilding, his later books reflected on his change to lifelong health as he stopped competing. I agree with his approach in "Lean For Life."

    An exercise plan should consist of a balanced approach with equal emphasis on weight training and aerobics. I like iron, as does Bass, but I realize that there are other strength training methods, so when I say weight training, I mean strength training in some form.

    If you are training for a specific sport or event, your needs will vary depending on your goals. For most people, a program that focuses on balance will be most beneficial. Balanced fitness includes building a more muscular, shapely body as well as developing greater endurance. This dual approach also helps you become lean and stay that way.

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