TopicEverything You Need to Know About iPhone X Home Button

  • Thu 4th Apr 2019 - 4:23pm

    Few months ago, Apple came out with the biggest change and introduced its pioneering iPhone X, which was the removal of the Home button from the display screen. Since the iPhone first introduce, the Home button had been the only button which appears on the front screen on the phone. However, it was the single and most important button on the iPhone screen and used to go back to the home screen, for taking screenshots, multi-tasking and much more which users really want to do with their iPhone XS. Well, the home button is one of the most essential buttons available on the iPhone. This home button helps users in taking screenshots, activates Apple Pay, invokes Siri, and also help users to reset the phone, in the case easily, anything goes wrong.

    Source:- iPhone X Home ButtonQuickbooks Support

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